Cipherise eradicates the most significant business security risk for the executive. Reputational damage through account compromise.

Cipherise eliminates usernames and passwords for your staff, clients, customers, and partners, increasing productivity and security.

For those that manage security, there is no storage of credentials for an attacker to steal or use. The attack is limited to one user on one system, not the entire organisation.  Your board needs to know about this.

No log in

Cipherise removes usernames and passwords and replaces the traditional log in with a secure QR code.


No passwords

By eradicating the password from the process, productivity lapses are no longer caused by forgotten passwords and insecure password reset processes.

No complexity

For example, if you needed to access Office 365?  Scan, approve, and you are in within seconds.  Nothing to remember.

Phishing attacks

This typical attack used to steal credentials is now a thing of the past as you no longer hand credentials out.  Cipherise replaces the public use of credentials with secure cryptography.

Lateral movement

This large risk item is where someone uses a valid credential to access every system.  Cipherise works on a zero-trust model where every individual system account is uniquely secured.  If one user experiences a breach, it is limited to only that one user on that system.

Brute Force Attacks

Traditional tools fail this type of attack because there is no login process.

Benefits of Cipherise

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