Shielding Your Board: Top Tips for Minimising Risk to Individual Users on a Single System

In the unfortunate event of a breach, companies must be prepared to act quickly to minimise the damage and prevent further attacks. This is where Cipherise comes in. Cipherise is a powerful prevention tool that can significantly reduce exposure costs, reputational damage, and time to resolution in the event of a forensics breach. 

The cost of a cybersecurity breach can be enormous. Not only is there the direct financial cost of remediation, but there is also the indirect cost of lost business and reputational damage. Cipherise can help businesses reduce exposure costs in several ways. 

The rest of this section of the blog gets pretty heavy pretty fast – hold on. It’s written for an exec to get an understanding, so they can explain it to their boards in their own way.

First, Cipherise uses advanced PKI entanglement encryption and authentication techniques to protect sensitive data. In order for an attacker to successfully attack one system, the attacker needs to break into every phone of every user.  Added to the fact that the attacker would need to then attack the next system, and all users on that system, and then the next system and so on. Most of our clients have hundreds of systems and services. The time spent to compromise your data is just too expensive for the attacker. We can never say it’s impossible, but it is extremely unlikely and resource expensive for an attacker, they just move on. Cipherise has decentralised security, so there is nothing we hold, and the secrets are shared and compartmentalised between the business service and the users. 

Second, Cipherise allows companies to revoke access to compromised accounts remotely. This can prevent further damage and limit the scope of the breach. 

Finally, Cipherise provides detailed analytics and reporting, (standardised Common Event Format [CEF] / RFC 5424 logging that is pushed straight to your security operations centre), allowing businesses to forensically identify attempts to break into your services. 

You can come up for air now, the summary is below.

Cybersecurity breaches are becoming more common and more sophisticated, and the costs can be enormous. Cipherise is a powerful tool that does significantly reduce exposure costs, reputational damage, and time to resolution in the event of a forensics breach. By using advanced encryption and authentication techniques, providing real-time alerts, and offering detailed analytics and reporting, Cipherise can help businesses protect sensitive data and respond quickly to breaches. As the threat of cybercrime continues to grow, businesses must take proactive steps to protect themselves and their customers. Cipherise is an essential tool in that effort, and no one can do what Cipherise does with such user simplicity. 

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