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Welcome to Cipherise Insurance, your specialist cyber brokerage providing comprehensive cyber insurance services for the entire cyber supply chain.

At Cipherise Insurance, we understand the importance of identifying, eliminating, managing, and transferring cyber risks. As a part of the Cipherise group, our services complement our cybersecurity offerings by ensuring that your residual risk is transferred to our established insurance partners. With us, you can rest assured knowing that you have full protection against cyber-attacks.

One of our recommended solutions is the Cipherise Solution, which effectively mitigates the largest risk item—account takeover. By addressing compromised accounts, which account for over 50% of all compromises, Cipherise tackles the issue of mass data breaches head-on. Additionally, we suggest implementing 24/7/365 security monitoring to cover any remaining cybersecurity issues unrelated to accounts. Finally, our risk-based approach includes comprehensive insurance underwriting that considers these factors, ensuring you are protected by a robust cyber insurance policy in the event of the worst-case scenario. This approach reflects the needs of the industry, providing a holistic solution to cyber risks.

Our Partners:

We have established strong relationships with underwriters specializing in cyber risk, offering pre-breach and post-breach support. When you work with us, you’re not just purchasing cyber insurance; you gain access to a complete cyber solution that includes comprehensive cyber incident response.

Coverage Available:

Business Continuity Costs

Breach Response Costs

Identity Management Costs

Reputation Management

Legal Costs & Payouts

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