The User Experience

Cipherise has four key points for the Product Owner or Chief Digital Officer:

Security benefits

Customer Experience

Cost savings and


Security Benefits: Cipherise provides a secure and encrypted way for customers to authenticate their identity and access their accounts, which is greater than Multi Factor Authorisation (MFA). This reduces the risk of fraud and data breaches, which is especially important in finance, healthcare, and government industries.

Customer Experience: Cipherise provides a seamless and convenient way for customers to authenticate their identity, without the need for passwords or additional hardware. This can help improve the customer experience, reduce friction in the login process, and increase engagement, even if they use multiple services or identities in your environment. Cipherise also accommodates users with disabilities. 

Cost Savings: Cipherise reduces the cost of managing and maintaining passwords, which can be a significant expense for large organisations. By providing a secure and easy-to-use authentication solution, Cipherise helps companies save time, money and is a force multiplier for productivity. Additionally, Cipherise reduces the investment in licensing costs for other solutions in most circumstances. 

Innovation: the Cipherise authentication experience sets a company apart due to the end user simplicity. By adopting Cipherise, a company can demonstrate its commitment to innovation and staying ahead of the curve in the digital landscape.

You choose as the owner of your product, what experience your users will have. The example below is called the “Humanity Test” from your four choices. For mobile apps, the user presses log in on your app, and they gain access to their data using the phone’s biometrics. For web sites, they scan the QR code on your web site, and the phone’s biometrics allow access.

There are four ways a user can authenticate, described below.

Device Trust Only
Access Control Test
Humanity Test
Willingness Test

1.  In the Cipherise ecosystem, every interaction requires both
parties involved to perform zero-trust, multi-factor authentications to each
other.  It ensures that the security behind the action is always assured.

2.  By being mutual, we protect your employees from people pretending to be your customer, whilst simultaneously protecting your customers from people pretending to be you.

3.  Cipherise allows you to not worry about the authenticity
behind an interaction and instead focus on reinforcing with the user how important
the action is by varying the user experience.

4.  If the action is of low importance, the user can experience low friction, such as an approval mechanism.  If the action is of high importance then you may leverage the device’s biometric validation.  If the action is really important and you want to check that the user isn’t just present but willing, then use our patented OneTiCKTM keyboard.

Focus On User Experience

Whilst Enhancing Security