How Do We Do It ?

We secure you and your users through mutual authentication

Mutual authentication means you and your users must prove to each other who you are before every interaction. For that to happen, both the service and the user are secured. 

The business configures Cipherise on the service in question, the end user installs the Cipherise app from the App Store or Google Play. The business enrols the user to the service.

The user has four modes of mutual authenetication. Each uses cryptographic entanglment and the more critical the asset, the greater the engagement with Cipherise.

Device Trust Only
Access Control Test
Humanity Test
Willingness Test

1.  In the Cipherise ecosystem, every interaction requires both
parties involved to perform zero-trust, multi-factor authentications to each
other.  It ensures that the security behind the action is always assured.

2.  By being mutual, we protect your employees from people pretending to be your customer, whilst simultaneously protecting your customers from people pretending to be you.

3.  Cipherise allows you to not worry about the authenticity
behind an interaction and instead focus on reinforcing with the user how important
the action is by varying the user experience.

4.  If the action is of low importance, the user can experience low friction, such as an approval mechanism.  If the action is of high importance then you may leverage the device’s biometric validation.  If the action is really important and you want to check that the user isn’t just present but willing, then use our patented OneTiCKTM keyboard.

Focus On User Experience

Whilst Enhancing Security