Understanding Cipherise for the CISO & CIO

For the Executive responsible for security, we've hit that point where mistrust is crutial. Consequently Cipherise enterprise solution utilises username and passwordless authentication, single sign on simplicity, unified identity and access management and patented incremental security. Cipherise has broken the traditional one sided "prove to me" paradigm that has plagued every organisation for decades.  History has proved that keeping a central credential store safe or expecting people to keep secrets is impossible. Cipherise soves theses problems by ...


Cipherise replaces the dependency on matched secrets with highly complex and unique cryptographic entanglements that Cipherise obfuscates from the end user.  Cipherise is not a passwordless experience (like many other "passwordless" technologies).


Cipherise does not accept any credential information supplied to it.  Cipherise requires the completion of a mutual cryptographic proof to show that you are not just entitled to use a service but intend to do so.

Mutual, Continual, Zero Trust

Whether at your desk, at home, or out on the road, Cipherise assumes the possibility that everything is compromised.  Consequently, every action executed by Cipherise rechecks all parties to ensure non-repudiation and generates an air-gapped forensic log.


Cipherise Mobile Application

Our mobile application for iOS and Android ensures that every action has the same user experience.  

Its core function is to enhance trust through familiarity and repeatability and:

  • Ensure every interaction is similar
  • Ensure every interaction is branded with your organisational look and feel
  • Ensure every action is secure
  • Ensure the right level of friction is imposed on the user to match the importance of the action
  • Provide a universal key experience where the user no longer needs to know or remember any usernames, passwords, or perform any traditional multi-factor process

Cipherise Services Portal

The Cipherise Services Portal is an employee facing place where your company can publish every system an employee needs to perform their work.

Providing a set of tiles that can be unique per group/user type, it allows you to bring together:

  • Cloud services
  • Infrastructure services
  • Bookmarks that are always available on every device and every browser, regardless of operating system
  • Intranet and Extranet sites
  • and more…

Every tile is completely customisable for look and feel, and provides single sign on convenience and control to everyone.

Cipherise Integration Adapters

We are dedicated to an ever expanding set of out of the box integrations to ensure you get maximum benefit.  No hidden extras, no “oh you want that feature?”.

Put simply, we believe that you should never have to choose what is important and what isn’t.

Current adapters include:

Cipherise Administration Capabilities

The administration portal provides secure control and access to the underlying capabilities of your Cipherise integration.